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The “European Cities of the Reformation” project run by the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe is launching its own dedicated website. All the relevant background information and latest news about the 17 cities spread across seven European countries that have thus far been awarded the title “European City of the Reformation” can now be found at

The cities’ individual pages can be directly accessed via an interactive map showing all the cities of the Reformation. “A brief explanation of each of the city’s Reformation pedigrees is designed to whet people’s appetites,” as the CPCE’s General Secretary, Bishop Dr. Michael Bünker, explains. “In addition, visitors can click on links to view the specific activities designed to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.” The pages are presented in three languages (German/English/French) with a calendar showing the events scheduled in the different cities under the categories tourism, art & culture, science, worship, festivals and children/youth/sport. The package is rounded off with an overview of the “European Cities of the Reformation” project and a list of FAQs, which currently focuses on the application and approval procedure.

“More than 30 other cities are also interested in getting involved,” Bünker reveals, adding that “the cities are clearly planning a wide range of activities to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation, with the first batch of announcements due later on this year.” He reports that “plans are developing at a roaring pace. The project is really succeeding in encouraging churches to link up with their local authorities.”

Fresh applications are still more than welcome, and efforts to coordinate the CPCE’s project with the EKD’s “Reformation Roadmap” are going very well.

Wien, 09. Feber 2015

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